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H3 Catalyst Bench

Top of the Food Chain

NOTE: Upgrade to H3XL Catalyst Bench (Extra Long travel) for $400

The Bodyforce H3 Catalyst Bench does more than any bench on the market. Dumbbells to Ab exercises, the H3 has you covered. The Catalyst Bench also GLIDES into place, allowing you to find that “sweet spot” under the barbell quickly and easily. It then securely locks into place. This is all accomplished without ever getting up. After trying the H3 you won’t go “static” ever again.

Looking for something bigger?  The H3XL is longer and has more travel than the standard H3 Catalyst Bench.  It also has a few additional functions.  This bench is capable of seated leg press, utilizing the Resistance Multiplier Attachment.  The standard H3 bench can perform 2:1 ratio leg press where 1 lb = 0.5 lb.  The H3XL with Resistance Multiplier can achieve a 1:1 ratio, making the full weight of the stacks available.  Reduce stress on your shoulders when performing barbell/dumbbell work.

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