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H3 Catalyst Bench

H3 Catalyst Bench

Top of the Food Chain

NOTE: Upgrade to H3XL Catalyst Bench (Extra Long travel) for $400 The Bodyforce H3 Catalyst Bench does more than any bench on the market. Dumbbells to Ab exercises, the H3 has you covered. The Catalyst Bench also GLIDES into place, allowing you to find that "sweet spot" under the barbell quickly and easily. It then securely locks into place. This is all accomplished without ever getting up. After trying the H3 you won't go "static" ever again. Looking for something bigger?  The H3XL is longer and has more travel than the standard H3 Catalyst Bench.  It also has a few additional functions.  This bench is capable of seated leg press, utilizing the Resistance Multiplier Attachment.  The standard H3 bench can perform 2:1 ratio leg press where 1 lb = 0.5 lb.  The H3XL with Resistance Multiplier can achieve a 1:1 ratio, making the full weight of the stacks available.  Reduce stress on your shoulders when performing barbell/dumbbell work. Learn more about the H3

Extreme Ab Attachment

Functions as a leg-hold for decline ab work when attached to the H3 and H3XL Catalyst Bench or vertical ab work when attached to Swing Wing.

Ab Arm Attachment

Work that Core!

If you've ever been to a commercial gym, chances are you have seen an "Ab Bench". A hinged bench with arms you rest your hands on that isolates the abs and core of your body. The H3, with Ab Developer Option accomplishes this same function. Use these arms with no resistance or couple to the X9 cable system for weighted ab exercises using stack plates. A great ab workout awaits! Learn more about the H3

Docking/Spotting Legs

Hold Up!

These useful legs insert into the H3 Catalyst Bench to provide additional support as well as a means to "Dock" the H3 Bench into the X9 Hybrid Gym. They also have holes at the top allowing you to insert Bodyforce Multifunction Footplates to stand on. Adjust the width to your exact requirements. With the Docking/Spotting Legs you have just turned your H3 Bench into a Dumbbell spotting monster!

Learn more about the H3

Bench Cable/Pulleys

Boost Function with Cable

With the Bench Cable/Pulley kit and a cable machine you can add leg extension/curls as well as weighted Ab Crunch. Own an X9 Hybrid Gym with stack weight system? Use the Cable/Pulley kit to perform 600 pound leg presses and everything in between!

Learn more about the H3

Leg Developer

Work those Legs!

Used for Seated Leg Extension and Lying Leg Curl, the Leg Developer also locks into a fixed position allowing use for decline ab exercises on the H3 and H3XL benches.  Larger pads are used under the knee position for extra comfort.  Comes with associated cables.

With the Bodyforce Bench Cable System (above) and a cable weight system this options might be one of the most comfortable leg workouts you have performed in or out of a commercial gym. We didn't stop there. In the push to extend function to every option we offer, we created a special locking system enabling this attachment to be inserted (and adjusted for the length of your legs) in the other end of your H3 Bench to hold your feet/legs in place for extreme decline presses and sit-ups. Additionally this makes a nice leg hold when performing Ab exercises with the Ab Developer.

Learn more about the H3

Multifunction Pad

Multi-Angle "Do Everything" Pad

There are pads for Preacher curl, and pads for Reverse Hyper-extensions. A pad for this, a pad for that. At Bodyforce we consolidated these functions to create an adjustable angle pad that can do all of these and more. Every time we bring this pad out we seem to discover another useful function. Keep checking our video section to see some good examples. Also, let us know what functions you can come up with using your MF Pad?!

Telescoping Support (H3 & H3XL Bench)

This is required if you intend to utilize the gliding function (forward and backward) on the H3 or H3XL Benches.  It is not required for static operation.

Gap Pad (H3 & H3XL Bench)

Almost all benches have a small space in between the lower seat and backrest when in the flat position.  For those of you who find this objectionable we have created a "Gap Pad" to fill the void.  It comes with velcro on the bottom to securely stay in place.

Leg Press Force Multiplier

NOTE: For Seated Leg Press you will need Leg Press Force Multiplier, Leg Press Adjustable Footplates, an H3XL Catalyst Bench along with Package 2.

This increases the cable resistance ratio from 2:1 to 1:1 for leg press.

One Inch Pegs with Magnetic Forks

NOTE: One set included with Package 1 and 2 (4 total pegs).

These one inch pins are used for a variety of functions, including band attachment (high and low), securing various options onto the X9/H3, creating attach points for the Safety Straps, etc. (set of 4).

Extended Pad (H3XL Bench)

This pad creates an additional area to sit when the front backrest is in the incline position.  It can also provide more surface area when performing Supersets/Dropsets/Giantsets with the bench in the flat position.  This pad is not required for normal use.