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Not about Market Share.

At Bodyforce we designed the X9 to start as a basic (albeit premium) free weight platform. From there the customer has the ability to tailor-make it to their desired budget and requirements.

We currently have over 30 options ready or in the pipeline. Different options will appeal to different people depending on their objectives. We will likely continue to create more options based upon user feedback and recommendations. When you buy some “all-in-one” machines, you end up paying for things you may not be interested in. We are “unbundling” as many parts (big and small) as we can so you only pay for what you want. As an example, some people may already own an adequate cable system or bench. We don’t want to force them into buying those items if they don’t want/need them. That said, our system is designed to work in concert with all of it’s parts so admittedly pairing our options with our machine does have some advantages.

A person can start with the basics now and as their needs/budget increase, add more options later. We have worked hard to “future proof” the design so the attach points remain consistent. Other companies want you to buy entirely new products every few years and don’t worry about future proofing. In fact, they typically stand against this concept for increased revenue and market share to support their multiple layers of management/overhead, etc. We could care less about market share and just want to sell one amazing machine to each customer once, supporting them with as many options as they desire over a lifetime.