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X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym

Extreme Ab Attachment

Functions as a leg-hold for decline ab work when attached to the H3 and H3XL Catalyst Bench or vertical ab work when attached to Swing Wing.

Arc Cable Arms

NOTE: Included with Package 2

Called Arc Cable Arms because they create a vertical arc over the floor.  These are located on both sides of the H3 Bench (when present).  Stainless steel plate protects the adjustment of the arc assembly.  The utility of these arms present dozens of exercises with the ability to go high/low, wide/narrow, etc.  These are far superior to fixed position pulleys.

  No other machine offers as many features to keep you on track to a great body than the X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym. Start basic or tailor-make the X9 to your specific needs and budget. Please scroll down to view some of the exciting features offered by the X9. To gather more details please follow this link

Leg Press Adjustable Footplates

NOTE: For Seated Leg Press you will need Leg Press Force Multiplier, Leg Press Adjustable Footplates, an H3XL Catalyst Bench along with Package 2.

These insert and lock to the inner frame.  They can be positioned higher or lower depending on the desired position.  The footplates can rotate from horizontal to vertical and everything in between.  They can also be removed completely by retracting a pullpin and lifting from the locked position.  The ability to adjust the height and angle on these helps optimize leg presses.  For example, in the high position - hamstrings- vertical or slightly angled down.  In the low position - quadriceps - footplate angled slightly upward.

Vertical Leg Press / Smith Squat Attachment

Best Legs in the Room!

This single attachment gives you Leg Squat and Vertical Leg Press. Not meant to show off but, one more example of the versatility of the X9!

NOTE: Available 3rd Quarter 2018. Looking to save money? You can also perform Vertical Leg Press and Smith Squats with the Short Handles & Connector (For Carriage)!

Safety Spotters

NOTE: Included with Packages 1 and 2

Simply put, these Safety Spotters are amazing!  Extremely rugged and functional.  They come with 9, one-inch post holes per side providing dozens of configurable possibilities.  They also come standard with spring loaded pull pins vertically locking them to the X9 frame.  This makes it virtually impossible for one to become dislodged even if bumping with a barbell from underneath.  Strength tested:  A full 765 lbs of free falling barbell weight was dropped from greater than two feet.  See our Youtube channel to view the video.

Counter Weights- Carriage System

Although not required, these are strongly recommended.  They bring each carriage starting weight down from 40 lbs to 15 lbs. These weights ride on a linear guide rod and are cleverly hidden within the massive D-shape tubing of the X9 Hybrid Gym.

Multifunction Pad

Multi-Angle "Do Everything" Pad

There are pads for Preacher curl, and pads for Reverse Hyper-extensions. A pad for this, a pad for that. At Bodyforce we consolidated these functions to create an adjustable angle pad that can do all of these and more. Every time we bring this pad out we seem to discover another useful function. Keep checking our video section to see some good examples. Also, let us know what functions you can come up with using your MF Pad?!

Front Legs

NOTE: Included with Package 2

These bolt to the front of your X9 frame when you are ready to start doing exercises out front.  Includes height adjustable footing for uneven floors.  Also provides insertion points for one-inch band pegs.

Barbell Rests

NOTE: Included with Packge 1 and 2.

These quickly attach to the X9 Frame and are the perfect design for quickly racking and unpacking your barbell.  One-hand height adjustment.  Covered with UHMW plastic to protect the knurled grip on any of your quality barbells.

Safety Straps

NOTE: Included with Package 1 and 2 (One set total).

Our patent pending strap system contains a falling "nuclear" barbell better than stand alone safety spotters or horizontal straps.  This keeps you safe when going to failure during squats, benchpress, etc.  Single hand adjustments are possible while you are comfortably seated.  More functional than horizontal only strap designs.

Pullup Handles

Included with Package 1 and 2 (one set total).

These were designed to perform dual purpose as pullup handles and dip handles with multiple grip angles.  Rotatable for narrow or wide grip.

Pullup Triangle

The X9 frame comes standard with pullup handle insertion points embedded in the top front arched frame tube.  These Pullup  Attach Sections provide additional points of insertion on both sides of the frame.  This comes in handy if you have the carriage system and wish to perform assisted pullup or two person pullup "teeter" operations. These come in Left and Right units (when seated, facing forward, similar to when you are seated in a car). Please specify which you are purchasing.

Swing Wing

These share technology with our Monolift.  They are both patent pending.  The Swing Wing can be used as a Monolift by attaching Barbell Hooks.  In addition, other options such as stabilization ball, VKR, and Dumbbell Spotters can be used...more options to come!

Barbell Hooks

These slide and lock onto the Swing Wing or Monolift.  They provide an additional location to perform barbell exercises.  This increases your ability to perform barbell drop sets.  Stack multiple hooks for even more flexibility.  These hooks come standard with pins wired to the apparatus for safe keeping.  The ability to lock your barbell on the hooks when not in use, as well as, safely load/unload when the hooks are configured in a narrow position is a great feature!

Swing Wing Crossbar

NOTE: Required for Dips. A variety of options can be plugged into the Lower Crossbar including Dips/Pullup Handles, VKR and Multifunction Pad.  More to come!

Rear Legs

When you are ready to start performing exercises at the rear of the machine (i.e. Squats or Pec Deck) you will want to add these legs.  If front to back space is limited in your gym you can forgo the rear legs and place your X9 closer to the wall.

Gun Rack

Bolts to the back of the X9 for squats.  Safety Straps are used in conjunction with the Gun Rack.  If you are getting the Monolift you will not need these.

1D (Non-Movable) Cable Arms

NOTE: Included with Package 2. Upgrade to 2D Arms for $499.

These bolt to the top of the X9 facing forward at an approximate 45-degree angle.  They include an attach point for TRX type straps.  These do not rotate and are 6 inches shorter than the 2D arms. Great for placing the X9 into smaller rooms.

Leg Press Force Multiplier

NOTE: For Seated Leg Press you will need Leg Press Force Multiplier, Leg Press Adjustable Footplates, an H3XL Catalyst Bench along with Package 2.

This increases the cable resistance ratio from 2:1 to 1:1 for leg press.

Linear Bearing Carriage System

NOTE: The Linear Bearing Carriages will not be available until the third quarter of 2018.

Two separate carriages allow full independent operation traveling on massive 40mm solid steel guide rods. Smith Squats, Flat/Incline/Decline/Military presses and Vertical Leg Press are just a few exercises available with the liner bearing carriages.  A special feature of this system; it utilizes the X9's selectorized stack weights to provide resistance.  It also allows for instant resistance and height changes.  A standard Smith machine requires Olympic weight plate changes which is many cases you have to unload the bar of a standard Smith machine before repositioning the height.  Not so with the X9 carriage system.  We use a special combination of inverted selector rod and pullpin that link to the stack weights.  Comes with associated cables.

One Inch Pegs with Magnetic Forks

NOTE: One set included with Package 1 and 2 (4 total pegs).

These one inch pins are used for a variety of functions, including band attachment (high and low), securing various options onto the X9/H3, creating attach points for the Safety Straps, etc. (set of 4).

Carriage- Outside Receptacle

This receptacles allows the user to interface with the X9 on the outside of the machine.  Combined with the T-Bar Attachment, Assisted Pullups and less-than-bodyweight Dips can be performed.

Long Lifting Handles (Carriage System)

These handles plug into the Carriage Inside Attach Section located on the inside of the X9.  When not in use they can be rotated into the "stowed" position allowing more usable space within the X9.

T-Bar Attachment

Inserted into the outside receptical of the carriage, the Carriage Attachment Bar enables exercises such as assisted pull-ups and less-than-body weight dips.

Bridge Cable (Carriage System)

Allows bridging of both carriages for various exercises.

Carriage Band Anchors

When bolted to the lower part of the X0 frame, these provide an anchor for stretch bands that can be attached to individual carriages.


These shrouds are not functional but for cosmetic purposes only.  Some people prefer no shrouds choosing to leave the beautiful D-shaped frame tubing exposed.  Others desire a more clean, compact appearance.  These shrouds do a good job in this regard.  They are thick gauge and will stand the test of time.  Note:  shrouds come standard with "BODYFORCE" printed in large white letters on the side.

Short Carriage Handles & Center Connector

Allows for close grip chest press and upright rows using both carriages simultaneously.

2D (Movable Laterally) Cable Arms


These are attached at the top of the X9, clear of any barbell movements.  Combining left/right arms, a nearly 360 degree horizontal azimuth of the X9 can be reached by cable. These are fitted into massive axles at the factory. Patent Pending. An attach loop is included to attach bodyweight straps, etc.  Comes with the associated cables.

Pec Deck

NOTE: Not available until 3rd Quarter 2018

Designed with multi-angular handles, the Bodyforce Pec Deck is capable of both chest and rear delt exercises.  Since this system is used in the standing position we have made the handles height adjustable for taller or shorter individuals.  Arms stow when not in use.  Comes with associated cables.

VKR (Vertical Knee Raise) Arms

These use a magnetic pin to quickly attach to the Swing Wing and are quickly removed when not in use.


NOTE: Not available until 3rd Quarter 2018

Patent pending design can adjust up/down on linear guide rods locking on stainless steel adjustment tubes.  Individual arms can adjust through their respective receptacles creating further height or horizontal displacements.  These arms can swig freely or lock 360 degrees up, horizontal, or down.  Gas springs provide assistance when raising the system.  Our Monolift and Swing Wing allow a lifter to rack and unrack without changing body position.  This is much safer and easier on joints.

3D (Movable Laterally and Vertically) Cable Arms

NOTE: Not available until 3rd quarter 2018

Near 360 degree horizontal coverage around the X9, as well as, instant vertical height changes on each arm make this the most functional arm on the market.  These are fitted into massive axles at the factory. Patent Pending.

Selectorized Weight Stack (200 LBS)

Note: This price is to upgrade from 150 LB Stacks

These plates are made out of solid steel (not cast iron).  They will not crack/break.  Steel is more dense and expensive than cast iron.  Steel offers the most precision and weight in the smallest space.  Comes standard with magnetic selector pin.

Brackets to Bolt Frame to Floor

If you are going to use this only for free weights and don't want any legs sticking out, these brackets will allow you to bolt the frame to the floor.