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Smith Machines (rollers vs bearings vs high quality bearings)

The traditional “Smith Machine” included an Olympic bar connected to guides and frame through plastic sleeves, rollers or bearings (lowest to highest quality in that order).

At Bodyforce we use only the highest quality parts. The X9 Hybrid Gym uses 8 precision bearings units riding on 40mm, solid steel, precision guide rods. The two individual carriages on the X9 create a Smith Hybrid unlike anything ever seen on the market. They allow isolateral (separate left and right) movements which prevents cheating on one side, maintaining even muscular development.

At Bodyforce we believe free weights combined with machines, and a cable suite will build a better overall physique quicker than any other way. By going as close to failure as possible then quickly moving to machine exercises that allow you to push even further you can obtain maximum benefit and growth. Drop sets using a stack system for example can be very quick and effective….moving from one weight to the next in a matter of seconds.