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Safety Spotters

Safety Spotters are commonly found on Power Rack and Half Rack systems as a last line of defense against being injured by a barbell if the barbell is dropped. In the opinion of Bodyforce, for a safety spotter to be effective it should be at least 2 feet or longer and have some method for locking onto the frame it is paired with.

On many of the lower quality, mass market products, the company that produces them tend to skimp on the safety spotter by making them shorter. This cost cutting measure is often combined with low quality, thin, light gauge metal that can not support the heavy weights a longer arm could support. That said, beware of products using short safety spotters. They are not safe and are one of the things that give Half Racks a bad name.

Bodyforce has developed a patent pending strap system (utilizing 10,000 LB adjustable loops with TuffStitch technology and micro adjustment) used in combination with bomb proof safety spotters. The single most important aspect of any spotting system is 100% CONTAINMENT (front/back, side to side and vertical) of the barbell at all times. With Bodyforce’s advanced, patent pending spotting system, you will have peace of mind that 100% of all nuclear barbells will be contained 100% of the time. On top of that you will have one of the easiest height adjustment system (can be done from the prone position on the bench) in the industry!

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