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Bench (Dimensions and Features)

A bench that is too high off the floor makes it difficult for some lifters to place there feet solidly. Some benches are wider and some more narrow. Some benches have large “feet” right where your feet are supposed to go making for an awkward foot rest. Some benches have few features and others more. Balancing the pros and cons can be a challenge. For example, if a bench has many features but is too high off the floor, is it still a good fit for the majority of lifters?

The Bodyforce H3 Catalyst Bench measures nearly 12 inches wide if you lay one direction (which many prefer for flat barbell exercises) and 9 inches wide laying the other direction (which many prefer for flat dumbbell work). The H3 bench is extra long making it functional to perform a host of exercises beyond those offered by our competitors. The H3 uses a thick, commercial quality foam pad with comfortable, yet durable vinyl covering. The height from the floor to the top of the pad measures 18 inches, perfect for most lifters.

Built in features such as the ability to easily roll forward and backward does wonders for your shoulders when performing dumbbell work. To understand this further please go to the H3 Catalyst Bench page to see more. The ability to easily glide forward and back also allows for seated leg press when mated with our X9 Evolution Hybrid Gym. Other features of the H3 Catalyst Bench include, Ab Exercise Arms, Footplate attach section for 2nd person spotting, Leg Extension//Curl Attachment which also doubles as foot holds for decline work, one of the deepest decline capable benches on the market, Adjustable angle Preacher Curl attachment, simple one hand seat back adjustment and more!

Some benches are so cheaply constructed, a lifter attention can be more focused on the weakness beneath him/her than the weight above. The H3 is heavy duty. We mean HEAVY DUTY. We designed it this way, to stay put when and where you want it while providing strength to last a lifetime.

One “Gotcha” to look for when choosing a bench is the size of the Pad Gap. The H3 Catalyst Bench offers a pad made specifically to bridge this gap when desired.

The H3 Catalyst Bench also utilizes our patent pending telescoping support extension (a brilliant way to get more out of your bench while maintaining perfect safety) and docking extension receptacles. Look for those features on the H3 product page as well.

With a multitude of features/options (with more on the way), we like to think the H3 Catalyst Bench is the best all around premium bench on the market. Don’t take our word for it though. Try it for yourself!